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Welcome Spring in Los Angeles

A woman walking her bike through a park, with flowers in tow

The city of Los Angeles is synonymous with gorgeous weather, so it’s true that the apartments in Northridge are also located the ever desirable LA County. You’ll see that the weather in LA is beautiful almost all year long, and many of us believe that Los Angeles doesn’t have any seasons at all.

We must admit that it’s nice living in LA during the winter because it’s a special time of year. You may feel sad to see it go at first, but spring is coming right around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate spring and all the beauty and splendor it has to offer.

It’s Time to Buckle Down and Clean House

You may think that spring cleaning is simply a myth, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the beginning of spring is the ideal time to finally start cleaning up your home. Making spring cleaning a regular priority will also provide a plethora of benefits, so take this advice seriously and make every effort to clean your home from top to bottom now that winter is gone but not forgotten.

Take time at the beginning of spring to clean your windows, polish and dust off every surface in your house, clean up the yard, and remember to get some much-needed fresh air. This may seem like a lot of work on the surface, and it could be if you let your house go. But that shouldn’t stop you from putting on your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, or whatever else floats your boat – so you can get down to the business of cleaning. Before long, your entire house will be spotless!

Remember to Be Happy

It’s estimated that roughly 2/3 of the people living in LA aren’t reaching their full potential as far as well-being is concerned. We need to smile more, have friendlier conversations with one another, and become brighter pillars of the community. It’s possible to lead a happier and healthier life if you set your mind to it.

Happy City LA is now backed by the good people of the United Nations. This pillar of the community is in the midst of a happiness driven initiative meant to brighten the day of Angelenos far and wide.

This organization has dedicated itself to making Los Angeles a much happier place. Their upcoming late winter/early spring events include Live Work Play [Happy] in LA hosted at ArtShare LA with Matt Peterson & Barbara Tebyani on March 20 at 6:30 PM, Mindfulness Self Compassion with Jason Ryterband at the Kimball Office Showroom on May 5 at 6:30 PM, and [Happy] Hours in LA with the Happy City Ambassadors at the Angel City Brewery.

Forget about your troubles for a while and get ready to be happy this spring. Try one or all of these events, break out of the doldrums of your day-to-day life, and experience the full potential of your well-being this spring in 2018.

Hit the Bike Trails This Spring Near Los Angeles

Are you tired of sitting in front of the TV hour after hour, day after day, and night after night? It’s time to shake things up a bit and go outside to get some much-needed exercise on your mountain bike.

Guess what? Springtime is finally here and the weather is amazing as usual. Remove your face from your TV, smart phone, tablet, or computer screen and prepare for a wonderful trip just 27 miles outside of LA to the Topanga Creek Outpost Loop.

This bike trail is extra special during the spring because the entire meadow is carpeted with gorgeous wildflowers during this time of year. It looks so beautiful during the spring and you’ll be so captivated that you’ll wonder why you avoid getting out in nature as much as you do.

Since this bike trail is part of a wide-open loop, you’ll have the opportunity to see the stunning red canyons at the Topanga State Park, plus the breathtaking views of the San Fernando Valley. It will feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven after you’ve made it to the end of the loop and notice the spectacular rocky waterfall and striking pools of aquatic bliss.

Spend Time Relaxing on the Beach

Now that springtime is here, it’s time to get ready to relax in the sand while soaking up the sun on the magnificent beaches in the ever spectacular sunny California. It’s ironic because more than half of the US is still covered in snow at this point, and they’ve barely began to thaw out. You’re in a much better position because going to the beach is business as usual for many residents living in LA.

Of particular note, there’s no question that the water is still going to be icy cold and approaching hyperthermia inducing temperatures. But the truth is that the water always feels this way, and more than likely you weren’t planning on jumping in for a swim anyway.

During this time of year, the beach city temperatures should hold steadily in the mid-70s, which is obviously stunning beach weather. For many of us, it’s the perfect time to start going to the beach and relaxing on the pleasant sand.

Remember, spring break is most definitely still underway, so you may want to avoid the tourist choked beaches and head out further to better, more secluded locations. Some possibilities to consider include County Line, Leo Carrillo, and El Matador to name a few.

It’s Time to Officially Welcome Spring in Apartments in Northridge

Springtime is in full bloom in Alder apartments located in Northridge, California, which is part of LA County. Residents love living in this gorgeous community because it’s unique, convenient, and the people are quite friendly.

It’s easier than ever to pay your rent online instead of waiting for a grumpy property manager to come knocking on your door. And the amenities like the oversized soaking tubs, walk-in closets, resort style swimming pool with cabanas, and club lounge make it one of the best places to live in Los Angeles. You’ll feel like you belong from the moment you step foot into your new apartment.