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Vintage Shopping on Ventura

Woman taking a vinyl record out of its sleeve

Just about everyone at the Alder apartments knows a little something about Ventura Boulevard. After all, this historic street isn't that far away, and there's plenty of cause to go and check out it's many fine establishments -- particularly if you're a fan of vintage/boutique shopping. You see, Ventura Boulevard is replete with small and unique stores offering all manner of specialty goods. Whether you're hunting for throwback clothes, vinyls for your new record player, or curios and antiques to decorate your place, there's probably a store on Ventura that fits the bill. If you're ready to get out there and start exploring, read on to find a few new spots to add to your shopping list.


In the Sherman Oaks section of Ventura Boulevard, you'll find the legendary Soto Boutique, a women's clothing shop that also offers a range of home goods and other items you'll need to make your home and wardrobe fabulous. If you've ever been to one of their sister stores, you'll likely know what to expect when you grace the doors at the Sherman Oaks location, and already know that their prices are hard to top.

Freakbeat Records

If you've got a record player, then old vinyls are definitely something for you to enjoy. Freakbeat Records has the selection of old school albums that span from bebop and swing to the golden age of rock and roll. Along with the large selection of well-known artists and tunes, you're likely to find a few rarities and underground artists you've never heard of, so this is a perfect place to stop if you're looking to expand your collection. And did we mention you can sell off old records here too? Freakbeat pays cash for all kinds of old music, so if you just inherited a bunch from your parents and you're not keen on keeping it, sell it off for a few dollars more.

Norman's Rare Guitars

If you're into playing music as much as listening to it, you owe yourself a visit to Norman's Rare Guitars on the Tarzana stretch of Ventura Boulevard. As the name suggests, this is where you'll find a plethora of unique guitars among Norman's selection, along with basses, amps, pedals, and other accessories. If you've ever wanted to add a special axe to your collection, this is the place to start your search.

Iguana Vintage Clothing

No mystery what you'll find at Iguana! This specialty store in Sherman Oaks has a vast selection of old-school clothing to cater to your unique sense of fashion. You can spend hours browsing around what they have in the store, or, you can check out the Iguana website to find the specific items you'll need and place an order in advance. Either way, Iguana's got what you need.

Plenty of Shopping to Enjoy Around the Alder Apartments

There's loads more stores and establishments for you to check out near the Alder apartments. This Northridge community puts you in prime position to sample all of the neighborhood gems, and keeps you connected to the rest of the city so you can venture outside of your comfort zone and see what treasures await you beyond the confines of the Valley. There's plenty to explore, and it all starts from your homebase at Alder. Learn more about what it can offer you, and how you can make one of its splendid residences your very own today.