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Top Schools in Northridge

A teacher talking to a middle school student in a classroom.

When you think about the apartments in Northridge, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the serene backdrop of this quiet San Fernando Valley neighborhood? Is it the rather diverse population, or the many attractions that the area, once known as North Los Angeles, holds for residents? It might be all of those things, but we’d wager that there’s one important element you might have overlooked.

Here’s the secret: Northridge is home to quite a number of well-rated schools, so if you’re interested in settling in and raising your little ones in this notable LA neighborhood, you’ve got plenty of options to ensure their education is top-of-the-line. Just what might those options be, and how can you learn more? Keep reading, as we highlight some of the area’s most prominent offerings.

There Are Great Schools in Northridge?

The short answer is, “yes,” but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? First, a general overview of schools, courtesy of Zillow. As you can see, there are plenty of schools ranked at least a 7/10 or higher, which is a rather encouraging initial impression. This only paints part of the picture, though, as Zillow’s rankings are provided through GreatSchools, and the numerical values, they state, are based only on the test results of the schools compared to other institutions within the state. While this serves as an interesting starting point, it’s not the only method of comparison that should factor into selecting the right school. We’ll have to examine things with a bit more rigor, and for that, we’ll head over to GreatSchools and take a closer look at the schools in question.

The top 10 schools in Northridge, according to GreatSchools, are as follows:

  • Northridge Academy High: 6/10
  • Lorne Street Elementary School: 7/10
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School: 7/10
  • Darby Avenue Charter School: 7/10
  • Calahan Community Charter: 7/10
  • Andasol Avenue Elementary School: 7/10
  • Topeka Charter School For Advanced Studies: 8/10
  • Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle School: 8/10
  • Beckford Avenue Elementary School: 8/10
  • Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary School: 10/10

So far so good. Something interesting to note, however, is that GreatSchools has updated their ranking system to include more than just test scores into that analysis:

“Our school profiles now include important information in addition to test scores — factors that make a big difference in how children experience school, such as how much a school helps students improve academically, how well a school supports students from different socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic groups, and whether or not some groups of students are disproportionately affected by the school’s discipline and attendance policies.”

This is a much more complete picture, and reviewing GreatSchool’s notes on these institutions should provide us with a better idea of what they are all about. Be sure to read about how GreatSchools calculates their ratings in depth to gain a better understanding of how the rankings are derived.

Northridge Academy High

Located on Zelzah Avenue, Northridge Academy High, on its face, seems quite average. The average SAT score, for instance, sits around 884, and the average ACT score is 20 – a middle of the road number. Take a look at their 4-year high school graduation rate, though, and you’ll notice that 93% of all students earn their diplomas on-time, an encouraging figure. Combined with the fact that the number of advanced courses taken by students here is above the state average, and Northridge Academy High becomes a school worth giving a second look.

Lorne Street Elementary

Lorne Street Elementary, on numbers alone, is an above average school for the state of California. What makes this even more promising, however, is the fact that Lorne Elementary is helping students make more progress from one grade to the next than many other comparable schools. Those big gains are critical to continued academic progress.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School

You’ll find another above average option in Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School. What’s particularly notable here, beyond the levels of academic performance, are the higher than average levels of diversity among ethnic groups that attend the school. Exposure to different cultural groups can help students develop a more well-rounded outlook during these formative years.

Darby Avenue Charter School

A standout among its peers, Darby Avenue Charter School, like Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School, has a great track record for academic performance. Above average math and English scores show the students here are learning the essentials well.

Calahan Community Charter

Solid academics and equity are the hallmarks of Calahan Community Center. Again, student diversity is rich here, and even low income students are able to perform at above average levels.

Andasol Avenue Elementary School

Andasaol Avenue Elementary School’s academic marks are likely a byproduct of its talented base of teachers. 80% of the teachers here are those with an excess of 3 years of experience, and 100% of those teachers are full-time, certified educators.

Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies

Scoring high marks on test scores, equity, and the success of their low-income students makes Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies one of the area’s best, and a serious contender for any bright child’s academic path.

Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle School

The Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle School is far above the state averages in most of the categories in which it’s rated. This is a place where academic performance is of the utmost seriousness.

Beckford Avenue Elementary School

A sterling elementary school like Beckford Avenue Elementary School is critical for the early academic development of any child. Enrollment here may help students gain a leg up on progression further down the line.

Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet School

Northridge’s best school, according to GreatSchools, is Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary School. Rated 10/10, it’s outperforming in every way possible, and well-regarded by the students and families who attend.

The Apartments in Northridge Offer Even More Than Great Schools

Access to great schools is an awesome benefit, to be sure. It’s not the only benefit that places like Alder offer, though. You’ll be treated to one of LA’s most laid-back and relaxing neighborhoods, all while enjoying the fabulous comforts of an apartment without compare. What will you enjoy the most? Will it be the spacious living units? The wondrous community features like the resort-style pool? Or something else entirely? The choice will be yours, once you make this jewel of the valley a home of your own.