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Spring Decorating Ideas

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Another year, another spring, which means another opportunity to spruce up your living space with some inventive decorating ideas. Even around the Canoga Park apartments, residents are gearing up to try out some of the latest and greatest representations of 2018’s spring interior fashions, and we’ve got the lowdown on a few trends you can take a look at for yourself.

From new “in” colors to full-on apartment themes, there are plenty of ideas you can implement around your home to make it fresh and exciting. We’ll cover a few of these hot design looks, detailing what you can do to make them work, along with a few mentions that you should abandon if you want your living space to remain on the cutting edge of trendy.

Try A Pastel Palette

Pastels are coming back in a big way for 2018, and one of the most noteworthy color schemes you’ll be seeing is the “ice cream” look. We’re not talking dingy browns or straight up stark whites, though, this palette features a range of light and fun hues that will make you crave a candy-colored sundae faster than it can melt on a hot summer day.

For an idea of what’s in, the inspiration wizards over at Pinterest provide. You can see how these playful tints interact with one another and how they perfectly embody the feeling of spring and rebirth. Best of all you can implement them almost everywhere -- flowers, tableware, furniture -- nothing is off-limits when it comes to adding a dash of color to your space.

Include Some Floral Prints

Further enhancing that feeling of spring will be some floral prints for your rugs or furniture. Contrasted against those solid pastels you’ll surely be including, these will add the suggestion of an organic element to your home that comes just shy of decking your pad out with actual flowers.

A good floral print won’t be too hard to track down, and you can take a look at places like Houzz to get some inspiration on what designs might look nice in your living space. As for snagging that perfect piece of furniture in the city, you needn’t look further than Curbed’s list of The Best Design And Furniture Stores In LA.

These represent the widest array of local showrooms that will give you an opportunity to see what you want up close and feel out those textures before you commit. From full-length sofas to stools and swivel chairs, there are plenty of options that will look just right in your apartment.

Go All The Way With Plants And Foliage

Why stop at floral print? You can update your space with the real thing and start bringing that spring look together. A few plants in each room adds a connection to nature and will boost your mood, provided you remember to take good care of them.

There are plenty of spots throughout the city for you to buy some affordable greens or colorful blooms to fill your home too, so this is a quick and easy upgrade that won’t take a heavy investment of time or money.

If you’re stuck on which kinds of plants or flowers to get, take a look at The Spruce’s guide on Early Spring Flowers To Wake Up Your Garden. While some are strictly for the outdoors, there are more than a few options, like Hellebores and Primroses, that will look great inside your apartment.

Add A Metallic Touch

Metallic accents, and even full-on metal items will look great this spring. Two of the most prominent options are brass and gold, and you can include these in frames, sculptures, lamps, furniture, and whatever other items you feel will benefit from a lustrous texture.

Metal touches make a big impression in bathrooms and kitchens, where they can play off the abundance of light and add sparkle to the room. You might even try including them on doorknobs, mirrors, and as an accent color for miscellaneous items throughout the home.

Ditch The Accent Wall

Yes, having a single, lonely wall of a different hue was once the hip and happening thing to do, but no longer. Now the stylish way to decorate is through actual decorating, leaving the walls a solid color and adorning them (along with their associated rooms) with art, furniture, and centerpieces to make them spring to life (a quick aside, geometric decorations are making a comeback).

This shouldn’t be a huge issue, as you’ll be updating your color palette with pastels anyway, and you can take the time to break out the paint and give your walls a much-needed makeover. The spring is a great time for rolling up your sleeves and breaking out the paint-roller too -- it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and the unavoidable moving of furniture that will have to take place gives you an excuse to engage in some spring cleaning as well.

Down With The Word Art

Much like the accent wall, there was a time when plastering quotes and pithy sayings in big, fancy lettering was all the rage. Fast forward to 2018, and this concept is played out, so it’s high time to bring all that word art down. If you went cheap with your word art (stickers), you can just peel them off the walls, and if you went through the trouble of painting those word, this is your cue to finally paint over them with some of those fresh pastel colors we mentioned earlier.

Don’t Stick To One Color

This is the last we’ll harp on color, promise. We mentioned using the “ice cream” palette, but be sure not to limit yourself to one selection. The “single color for everything” look is out, and taking its place are progressive tints and striking “pops” of color. Check your color wheel to see which colors will complement others, then get to work mixing and matching to put the finishing touches on your apartment.

Make The Canoga Park Apartments A Spring Marvel

These living spaces are already primed for beauty, so it won’t take much decorating to fully embrace the magic of spring. Keep those do’s and dont’s firmly in mind as you embark on this quest for interior decor perfection, and remember to keep it classy.