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Small Kitchen Storage Tips

Open kitchen drawers with utensils

Have a small kitchen? Then you know how dreadful it can get trying to store all of your cookware with only a limited amount of space. Even if you have an ample cooking area, like the kind you’d find at the Alder luxury apartment homes, you could still probably benefit from some smart storage ideas that will vastly increase the amount you can pack into your kitchen. Either way, you’re in luck, because today, we’re going to be covering exactly that — innovative kitchen solutions that will boost your storage abilities far beyond what you ever thought possible. Here’s what you need to know.

Optimizing Your Kitchen The Right Way

When it comes to maximizing kitchen storage, you’ll have to make ample use of the philosophy that every inch of your space is prime real estate for storage. Case in point? Your kitchen walls. Right now, they might just be sitting there with nothing on them, but imagine just how much you could store there if you had the right tools?

Hang a handy pegboard, and you’ll find that you suddenly have a lot more room for pots and pans than you realized. A good pegboard will also free up space in cabinets and on shelves, which you can use for items you don’t need to keep at arms reach in the same manner.

Next up, you can try an island/cabinet combo. The addition of a kitchen island adds some additional counter space, and pairing that with some extra cabinets will give you even more room to pack in some extra kitchen items. Now, if you don’t have the cash to spend on a permanent kitchen island, you can still make use of the concept. A portable kitchen island/table the on-wheels solution that won’t break the bank and still provide you with the utility you need in the middle of the kitchen.

Now, recall that we said you’ll have to start making use of every available bit of space to maximize your kitchen storage abilities? This even applies to that scant space above your refrigerator. That’s plenty of flat surface area that’s not being used, and you can put it to work as a place to organize your cutting boards, cookbooks, or similar items that will stack easily.

Remember to keep that “nothing wasted” philosophy well in mind as you explore other ways to store things in your kitchen. Look hard enough, and you’ll find storage space in the places you least expected.

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