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Sandwich Places in Northridge

Close-up of a toasted B L T sandwich.

Everyone living in Alder apartments and other residents of Northridge love this community and appreciate that they have really good sandwich shops in the neighborhood. Fine dining is great when the occasion calls for it, but most people want to be able to stop into a sandwich place, grab a quick bite to eat on the run, and really enjoy their meal at the same time.

Thankfully with so many great sandwich shops located in Northridge, people can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. They can appreciate a good sandwich created at some of the best dining establishments in the community and they can either eat it in the shop, take it with them to work, or bring it home to have something great to eat as they sit down in front of the TV and watch their favorite show, movie or sports event.

Whatever your major desire is, just know that Northridge in California has some truly amazing sandwich shops that everyone seems to love. We’re going to tell you all about them right now, so kick back, relax, and get ready for some amazing tasting recommendations like you’ve never seen before.

Brent’s Deli

First off we’re going to start out with Brent’s Deli located right in Northridge. So many people in this community happen of really like this deli because they serve amazing food, provide a nice atmosphere, and they even offer their food at affordable prices. What’s not to like, right?

Brent’s Deli has a variety of great hot and cold sandwiches that so many people in the community tend to love. But this isn’t the only type of food that they have to offer, because they also sell hot food, hot soups, appetizers, salads, and other entrées. So you’ll definitely have a wide range of options to choose from even if you aren’t in the mood for a hot or cold deli sandwich.

In fact, some of the best dinner entrée options that Brent’s Deli has to offer include the following: old-fashioned meatloaf, three-quarter pound ground beef steak, Chicago style frankfurters, corned beef and cabbage, and charbroiled Roumanian steak.

But the real reason you’re here is to pick up a great sandwich. Some of their most famous and highly sought after options include: hot meatloaf sandwich, BBQ roast beef sandwich, BBQ brisket of beef sandwich, hot open faced roasted turkey sandwich, hot open faced brisket sandwich, hot pastrami, rare roast beef, cheese sandwiches, hard salami, kosher Bologna, and many, many more options to choose from.

We can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’ll certainly find an amazing meal when you go to Brent’s Deli in Northridge. They have an extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with so many options to choose from that it’s hard to pick just one.

Stone Oven

Next we have Stone Oven which is located on Tampa Avenue in Northridge. This amazing sandwich place is one of the finest that this community has to offer. They have many great tasting options available to choose from and so many people in the community talk about how awesome the food is here, so you’re bound to find something you love.

The great thing about this place is it’s located right in the heart of the community. So you don’t have to go very far if you’re looking to grab a quick meal on your way home from work. Stop in, look over their great tasting menu, pick what you like and what your family likes, and bring it home to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your own abode.

We really love this place so much because of the great tasting sandwiches they make. You will have a hard time finding another sandwich shop in the community that can do better than Stone Oven. Some certainly compare, but nobody makes better sandwiches than the ones you’ll find at this incredible place.

Some of our all-time favorite options from Stone Oven in Northridge include the following: BBQ beef brisket, BBQ chicken sandwich, grilled vegetable sandwich, garlic & basil chicken sandwich, Santa Fe hot ham, spicy chicken sandwich, and the always enjoyable tuna salad sandwich.

You have the option of choosing to eat the sandwich exactly the way they prepare it, or you can ask them to customize it to your liking. This is your call so choose wisely, choose often, and enjoy the wonderful tasting sandwiches that this incredible sandwich shop makes each and every day for their very happy Northridge customers.

My Hero Subs

My Hero Subs is also an amazing sub shop located in Northridge, California. This place has an excellent reputation because they truly make some remarkable meals that everyone seems to enjoy. You’re going to love their great tasting sandwiches as well, plus they have other options like entrées, salads, the soup of the day, and plenty of great desserts to enjoy as well.

If you’re looking for a place to grab a quick sandwich on your way home from work or after you’ve picked the kids up from school, you should definitely think about stopping into My Hero Subs to grab a quick bite to eat. You will not be disappointed by the great tasting sandwiches this place makes for their awesome customers on a daily basis.

In case you didn’t know, My Hero Subs has a number of local favorites that so many people can’t seem to get enough of. To help you make your choice much easier, we’ll share some of our favorites with you right now. They include the following: My Hero special sandwich, roast beef sandwich, cheese sandwich, Capocollo and cheese sandwich, pepper beef sandwich, chicken breast sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich, breast of turkey sandwich, corned beef sandwich, salami and cheese sandwich, and so many other wonderful options.


If you ever find yourself in the mood for a great tasting sandwich while in Northridge, we highly recommend checking out each and every one of the sub sops mentioned above.