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Mother's Day Weekend Breaks

A mom and young daughter embrace

Mother’s Day is coming, so you’d better start devising your gameplans. Perhaps you happened to skip out on the tribute to mom’s last year? Or maybe you planned a gift or surprise, only to find it a bit lacking? Even if you knocked it out of the park for Mother’s Day in years past, there’s no reason you can’t up your game, right? Thankfully, this will be an easy task if you live in the Alder apartments, as there’s plenty of Mother’s Day-appropriate fun to be had nearby.

That’s correct. All over this unique California location, you’ve got your pick of Mother’s Day “breaks” that will put a smile on mom’s face and earn you a little extra “undying gratitude” from that most special lady. What kind of diversions should you be adding to the list? Read on, as we cover some favorites to focus on this year.

Get Mom Some Flowers

Were you thinking about heading into Mother’s Day with no flowers? Banish the idea from your head, especially if your mom is one who puts a rather high premium on getting some lovely specimens for this special day. You won’t have to look far to find some incredible blooms, as Northridge’s florist, Flower World & Gifts, has an awesome selection to choose from that’s perfect for just about any occasion. You’ll just need to head over to Reseda Boulevard to tour the premises and track down the right flowers to make a big impression. Shop by color, get some of mom’s favorites, or just have the florist arrange your bouquet if you’re truly clueless.

Take Mom On A Fancy Tea Tour

Most moms like tea, so if you don’t mind heading out to an upscale location, you can surprise mom with a fancy tea tour that’s sure to spark her interests. First on your list here should be the Getty Villa, where they hold a rather trendy Tea By The Sea event on Thursdays and Saturdays:

“Enjoy Tea by the Sea, a special experience inspired by the herbs, vegetables, and fruits that grow in the Villa's authentically re-created first-century Roman gardens.”

If you weren’t already aware, the Getty Villa is a stylish educational center/museum, famed for its amazing sculptures and stonework -- the perfect setting for a fancy, tea-focused afternoon. With the Tea By The Sea event, you’ll be able to enjoy tea, pastries, fruit, and more in the villa’s Founder’s Room, “an elegant space featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Villa.” Mom will certainly enjoy the amount of care and forethought that went into your choice, along with the wine and prosecco that will be served during the afternoon.

Alternatively, you can try a Japanese-style tea tour (as long as mom doesn’t mind moving the celebration to Monday and heading to San Marino). It’s a bit of a hike, but the chance for ceremonial tea-time in the Japanese tradition inside Huntington Garden’s very own teahouse is an opportunity you might not want to squander.

Drag Mom Out A Ren-Faire

Hit the road and drag mom out to Irwindale, if she loves the enchantment and atmosphere of the Renaissance Faire, that is. On Saturdays and Sundays through May 20th, over at the Santa Fe Recreation Area, you can enjoy the magic of the Faire and their much-beloved Theme Weekends. For Mother’s Day weekend, it will be a cavalcade of Heroes & Villains showing off their best costumes and having a grand old time playing their parts to the hilt.

It’s 20 acres of “pure fun,” with a large variety of entertainment stages, jousting, music, dancing, food, and, of course, pubs. You’ll have the opportunity to crawl through the various pubs (there are six in total) and grab a drink and some grub at each location. If mom just so happens to have a few special dietary needs, there’s no need to fret, the Faire offers their own “healthy alternatives” in the form of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meal options.

Or Perhaps A Fun Play?

Maybe mom is a fan of the stage? If so, School Of Rock will be running at the Los Angeles Theatre, a part of the production’s first national tour. Based on the Jack Black classic, this was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “first show to launch on Broadway since 1971,” and will feature live music played on stage by the cast themselves.

So far, audiences have been raving about the high-energy, exciting performance, which has been noted as both “super amazing” and “fun.” The cast includes Rob Colletti in the role of Duty, with lyrics written by Tony-nominee Glenn Slater. If you’re looking for a way to inject some liveliness into May 13th, this will be your opportunity.

There’s Always Shopping

While not on Mother’s Day precisely, the Mother’s Day Pop-Up Boutique is all about moms, beckoning you to bring her to West Covina for a combination of “flea market, vintage, and boho chic.” This event will feature plenty of handcrafted jewelry, home decor, wood art, and more, so bring the wallet with you as well and be sure to pick out a fun gift that mom with treasure forever.

Get Mom Into Gardening

Could it be possible that mom lacks the vaunted green thumb? While unlikely, you could still introduce her to the basics by taking her to the Mother’s Day Gardens at the California African American Museum. The event will cover pot decorating along with the rudiments of maintaining flowers and herbs. When it’s all said and done, she should be well on her way to a spectacular home garden that will dominate the topics of future telephone conversations.

Make The Alder Apartments Your Base Of Operations For Mother’s Day

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