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Memorial Day in Northridge

Couple examining a map on a hike

It’s time to kick off summer around the Canoga Park apartmentsthe right way — with some exciting Memorial Day Weekend fun that will put you in the mood for a season packed with great weather and awesome adventures. What should your move be in that regard? Well, while everyone’s personal preferences may vary, we think we’ve come up with a pretty good list of ideas for you that will cover the gamut from cool, local events to out-of-the-way excursions and a good amount of what lies in between. Read on, and get inspired for your Memorial Day 2019.

How About a Memorial Day Weekend Hike?

Getting outside for Memorial Day Weekend is almost always part of the deal. This time, why not consider hitting the trails and doing a bit of hiking? Within the vicinity of Northridge, you’ve got plenty of great options, from Las Virgenes Canyon to Rocky Peak Park, or even Topanga State Park to the South. Before you head out, though, you’ll want to make sure you plan properly for the occasion.

First things first, you’ll want to check the weather. While that’s usually not to hard to predict in the LA area, there’s always the off chance that there could be some rain, and if there is, you’ll want to dress for the possibility of showers (rain gear, boots, etc.). In addition to the weather, you’ll also want to do a bit of research on the type of trail you’ll be hitting. Does your hiking skill level match the difficulty of the trail you plan to tackle? You don’t want to overdo it, or find yourself in a sticky situation, so make sure that wherever you decide to hike, it’s a place where you can do so safely and where the physical demands of the journey don’t exceed your limits. You can do a bit to prepare physically by stretching and you’ll also want to bring the 10 essentials with you in addition to any other gear you need:

  • Map
  • Compass
  • Sun and Insect Protection
  • Extra Food and Water
  • Headlamp
  • Extra Clothing / Rain Gear
  • First Aid Kit and whistle
  • Knife
  • Matches / lighter
  • Fire Starter

Make sure you hike with a buddy (safety in numbers) and be sure to notify friends and family of your plans, just in case. You’ll want to give them your expected departure and return times, the route you’ll intend to follow, what equipment you have with you, and an authority to contact in the event you don’t make it back on time. With those precautions in place, you should be able to enjoy a wonderful time on the trails for Memorial Day.

Or Perhaps a Memorial Day Weekend Beach Picnic Instead?

Memorial Day is also prime time for the beloved beach picnic. There’s no shortage of beaches to choose from in Southern California, and after you’ve tracked down a suitable location, all that’s left is for you to plan your outing. Advice on this can vary, but you can find a pretty good assemblage of tips courtesy of Eater’s feature on How to Pack the Perfect Beach Picnic.

To sum it up, you’ll want to pack plenty to eat, keep your “cold stuff” cold with plentiful amounts of ice, pack a table to avoid eating on the ground (and getting sand in your precious food), and remember to clean up after yourself once all is said and done! In addition, do your best to keep it simple (that always makes prep and cleanup time go much smoother), and remember to bring a big umbrella so you can avoid the tyranny of the mid-day sun!

You Can Always Catch One of These Amazing Memorial Day Weekend Events

What would Memorial Day Weekend be without some fun events for you to consider attending? There’s plenty going on this year, but these options will give you the chance to have a great time without having to go too far out of your way to get in on the action.

The Valley Greek Festival

Memorial Day Weekend, May 25th -27th, will also be coinciding with the San Fernando Valley’s 46th Annual Greek Festival. Taking place at the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, this event will give you a chance to “enjoy the hospitality of the Valley’s Greek community and experience the simple pleasures of life in a Greek village.” That means plenty of Greek food and drinks, live music and performances all weekend, a selection of family-oriented events, and, of course, a chance to cut a rug as you learn the art of Greek Dance. While you’re there, you can even take a tour of the church and learn a bit more about Greek history, theology, all while taking in the lovely architecture, beautiful artwork, and touching hymnal music.

Annual Roller Skating With Auptimism

Over at Northridge Skateland on May 27th is where you’ll find the 5th Annual Roller Skating With Auptimism event taking place, courtesy of Auptism.Org. This Memorial Day spectacular is all about fun and excitement, while helping embrace a healthy outlook on autism and shining a positive spotlight on those families living with the disorder. As such, this event is free for all special needs families, and donations to help those in need will be greatly appreciated.

Memorial Day With Meinklang

If you’re looking to get your drink on once Memorial Day rolls around, why not head to Memorial Day With Meinklang on May 27th? At this special afternoon soiree, you’ll get a chance to meet Niklas Peltzer, a member of the Meinklang Winery, as he shows off their amazing selection of wines (which you’ll get to sample), along with a generous selection of food.

Don’t Forget the Canoga Park Apartments

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