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Italian Restos In Northridge

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Not far from Los Angeles, in the rich San Fernando Valley, you will find Northridge. This historical city has some of the best places to live, eat, and play in the state. Many notable people have come from Northridge, and many people who live there today expect the best. Alder Apartment Homes chose Northridge to build their luxurious new apartment homes. The apartments are second to none.

Alder Apartment Homes

These resort style apartments come with every modern amenities. They are newly built and each home is meticulously designed. Whether you want to relax by the pool or enjoy coffee in your lounge, you are right at home. There is a state of the art gym and a sunny yoga studio. Alder Apartments cares about the planet and the apartments were built with smart building technology.

Perhaps one of your favorite features is the fact that Northridge is close to everything. Just a few minutes from the city and of course, California State University. You literally can have it all in Northridge. There is no shortage of great and diverse places to eat in Northridge. We are concentrating on Italian restaurants for today. Northridge and Italian diners just seem to go together.

Best Italian Restaurants in Northridge

Maria's Italian Kitchen
Authentic home-style Italian cooking at its best. Maria’s has had a huge following of Italian food lovers for years. Only the freshest foods are served here

Delivery is available.

LA Lasagna

Great Italian food, and great service. Would could make this place better? How about their long standing position of being active and supportive in the community. This is hands-down a great place to show support with your business.

Presto Pasta

Presto Pasta is an award winning Italian restaurant, voted Best for the past 4 consecutive years. It has a homey feel and is casual. But the food is as good as you would find in any great Italian restaurant in the state. The sauces are hand made. The pasta is cooked perfectly, and when it comes to pizza, they are king.

Casa De Pizza

Bring the gang and enjoy some fantastic pizza in a place where you can kick back and just enjoy being with friends. They serve up some great food with a smile. You will not be rushed along and you will not be ignored. When you pull up a chair at Casa De Pizza, it is all about you.


Customers who have eaten there call it a little slice of Italy. The food is authentic and made from scratch every day. They have great cocktails, wine, and if you just want a great pizza and a cold beer, they have that too. This is one of the better diners for Italian food lovers in the city.

Frankie’s Italian Food

Okay, the place could use a little upgrade, but since we come here for food, we are willing to give Frankie’s a thumbs up! The food is great and the service is supreme. So we can overlook the building and place this authentic and flavorful restaurant on the top of our list.

Italia Bakery & Deli

Okay, it could be missed if you were not looking for it. But, you are in for a rare treat when you find this diner. Italian subs and other foods are great and tasty. However, what gets my attention is their wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, and yummy bakery. We all know Italian pastries and desserts are rich and flavorful. Make a run to Italia Bakery for your next party and it will be a big hit. Every celebration deserves a great Italian finale. So go for the next dinner party you throw, a baby shower, or just because it is Tuesday. I mean Tuesday is a special day that rarely gets any attention. Come up with your own reason to celebrate with Italia Bakery.

Chi-Chi’s Pizza

is rated A+ in our book. Fantastic food (Try the stuffed pasta shells) the kids will LOVE the pizza and there is an authentic Italian dish for everyone,

Of course, you will find the big named places her as well:

  • California Pizza
  • Ci-Ci’s
  • Dominos
  • Plus a lot more

Northridge is a very diversified location. It is the kind of place where people get to know each other and embrace their difference. Northridge raises the bar on what it means to live well. This is one of the reasons why Alder Apartments were built there. The owners of these exceptional resort style housing complex know excellence when they see it. It is built in such a way, that people have theirprivacy, but there is plenty of common ground for families to gather and enjoy a cook-out, or Just enjoy watching the sun go down. The warm temperatures and the expertly landscaped grounds allows the feeling of being far away from the stress of the cityl

The rest of the world could take notes from Northridge, where everyone is a member of one community and they enjoy the wonders of the world they create,

You will find many different cultures represented in the restaurant scene of Northridge. This article points out a few of the better Italian eateries in the area. Do your own research and find the restaurants of your choice.

Whether you dine out or have a special meal delivered to your own luxury home, the memories you build is yours forever.

If you live at Northridge, you have nothing to worry about. Work in your private gym, or swim a few laps in your beautiful pool. Your pasta feast will not hurt you. Besides, everyone deserves a treat sometimes.

A little more about Northridge

Besides the wonderful California State University, Northridge is home to 11 public schools and 8 private schools. Most of the residents in Northridge are college graduates.

Northridge is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups. The population is represented by people from:

  • Asia
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Latino

There is also a significant Caucasians, African American, and Latino population.

For more information on Northridge, click here. You will find life in the area a perfect balance, and life at the Alder Apartment Homes will make you feel as if you were born to live there.