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Indoor Gardening Ideas

A woman misting an indoor plant

If you live in one of the best apartments Northridge has to offer or any other apartment complex for that matter, you may be disappointed because you do not have a large backyard to set up a garden of your own. You may feel that your gardening opportunities are nonexistent because of your status of living in an apartment. Guess what? Nothing could be further from the truth.

You’ve been seriously misled if you do not know about the wonders and beauty of indoor gardening. You don’t need to wait for a spring getaway to see gorgeous hanging plants decorating your luxurious home. In fact, it’s more than possible to use your green thumb to totally transform your luxury apartment and turn it into a comfortable indoor gardening experience that you’ll never forget.

If you’re ready to give indoor gardening a try, we’ll tell you about some of the best ways to utilize container gardening and other ideas to literally transform your home into a gorgeous, plant filled paradise.

Let’s take a look at some great ideas without any further delay.

Coconut Hanging Planters

When you’re into container gardening, it’s fun to come up with some interesting things to use as containers to help make your garden look attention-grabbing, attractive, and different than some of the other gardens ideas you might find in other luxury homes. Let’s take the coconut and use it as an example.

The next time you plan to buy a coconut for a snack, you can cut it in a way that will make it the perfect planter for your home. After you’re done eating your delicious snack, remember to save the coconut shell so you can hang it up on a chain anywhere in your home and fill it with beautiful plants, flowers, or anything else you might feel like growing inside of it.

The cool thing about creating DIY coconut hanging planters is they’re very easy to convert. You do not have to be technical in nature or a rocket scientist to turn it into a simple planter. You can paint the sides, put on interesting designs, and really help spruce up the coconut shell to make it even more attractive and a fascinating piece inside your home.

Setting up a Pallet Garden

You may have never heard of this option or if you have you might not have considered it, but it’s actually fairly easy to set up a pallet garden on your balcony if you have one connected to your apartment. Most people think they should ignore the possibility of setting up a pallet garden on their balcony because they feel that they will not have enough room to do what they want. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A pallet garden is great because it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space yet it leaves plenty of room to add interesting plants to your garden. It’s very easy to set up so it’s possible to use minimal space to get your foliage fix and it’s an inexpensive yet cost-effective way to put a garden in your home without having a huge backyard. We highly recommend adding a pallet garden to your balcony sooner rather than later if you’re having a difficult time existing without getting your green fix.

Vertical Garden Wall Hanging

The beauty of putting up a vertical garden wall hanging in your home is that it’s the ideal way to utilize your walls without sacrificing surface space. You’ll be able to hang this garden inside your home on the walls and never even think about using precious space that you might otherwise use for knickknacks, pictures, and other tchotchkes that you’d like to have decorating your home.

The vertical wall hanging garden is ideal because you can have plants and flowers making your home beautiful. They can hang right on the wall, they are easy to water, they are easy to care for, and they look absolutely marvelous. You will fall head over heels in love with this option if you’ve never seen it before and you’ll be glad that you’ve given this a shot because it’s such an interesting way to turn your beautiful home into an amazing indoor garden.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Creating a mason jar herb garden is certainly an interesting option that many people may enjoy and appreciate. It’s great because it doesn’t need to be a big garden at all, and as a matter of fact you could locate it right at the side of your kitchen sink. It will fit snugly right in your kitchen and you’ll have access to stimulating, tasty herbs that you can cut off and prune and immediately add to your delectable dishes as you prepare food for your family.

It may not seem like a big deal starting your own mason jar garden in your home, but once you get used to eating fresh, wholesome, tasty herbs as part of your meals on a regular basis, you’ll wonder how you lived without this amazing little garden in the comfort of your home. An herb garden is more about flavoring your food than creating an attractive garden in your house, but it actually ends up doubling as both, so you literally get the best of both worlds.

End Table Garden

The interesting thing about creating an end table garden is it’s an exciting option that you can set up anywhere in your home. By using an everyday planter for this option, you can then turn it into a movable garden that’s perfect for those looking for a simple yet attractive way to redecorate their home.

Cocktail Themed Container Garden

Do you like to regularly have guests visit your home? If so, there’s no doubt you’re serving plenty of fantastic adult beverages to your guests. Think about creating a cocktail themed container garden with fresh herbs for everyone’s drink. You’ll be the life of the party and the talk of the town when you serve fresh mint mojitos and pick the herbs directly from your garden.


Please take advantage of the amazing indoor gardening ideas we’ve shared with you today. They are perfect for luxury apartment dwellers and anyone else living in small spaces.