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How to Choose the Right Sofa

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Whether you call it a sofa or couch, this piece of furniture is the staple of the living room. Aside from tying the room together, you and guests will spend plenty of time enjoying the couch as well. That makes selecting the perfect sofa vital. So, how can you choose the right one to fit in with the design elements of the apartments for ren in Canoga Park? This guide is here to help.

Function Over Style

While shopping around, you probably already gathered an idea of what you want your new sofa to look like. Picking a design you’ll love is essential, but how you plan on using the couch is ten times as important.

If you have a larger family, for instance, then you’ll need a sectional that can bring everyone together on movie nights or accommodate a higher number of people while watching television. Sectionals that wrap around at a corner can also help place everyone around a coffee table for board games.

If you’re single or an empty nester, then something smaller is recommended. This gives you the freedom to choose a solid color you like and decorate your space anytime with throw pillows or blankets. It also creates a cozier environment for company.

Make sure to consider who will use the sofa and how they intend to use it before anything else. As long as your choice accommodates a regular number of people, family and guest included, then you’re on the right track. Don’t forget about pets, too!


How individuals use your sofa relates to the wear and tear it receives. Pets, parties, and children are all factors worth considering since they can cause you to replace your furniture at a faster rate. Aside from wearing out the fabric and cushioning, all three factors usually lead to a few stains from time to time.

If you’re worried about visible messes on your couch, stick with a patterned design to hide things like spilled juice or pet hair. For wear and tear, the upholstery you choose is vital to the longevity of the piece.

Since the living rooms is a high traffic area, you want to consider a fabric equally as comfortable as it is durable. Polyester, viscose, suede, and contract fabrics (used in most commercial spaces) are top picks by families and hotel managers alike.

Guarantees and warranties are also something worth considering. Most furniture stores offer one or the other, giving you a ballpark estimate of how long the sofa should last. Regardless, you can expect any modern sofa to last from five to ten years.

Matching Designs

The color or pattern you choose doesn’t have to match the room perfectly, nor should it in a number of decorating styles. The goal here is to decide on which style you’re aiming for and stick with it. To do this, start with the design of the living room.

Most living rooms are a blank slate, especially in apartments like Alder, giving you plenty of creative freedom. Whether you prefer eclectic, Scandinavian, or minimalistic styling, you should begin your scheme with the sofa. By knocking out the largest piece of furniture first, you can easily pick up smaller pieces that compliment your choice.

Shape and functionality also play into design. Smaller living rooms may not benefit from a sectional, while larger rooms can feel a little empty with just a two-seater. Consider the size, leg or skirt material, and how the sofa will fit in with the rest of what you have planned for the living room.


The final point to consider is the cost of the couch. Since 2017, prices have dropped dramatically on all sorts of sofas thanks to decreased costs in production and raw materials. Most futons and loveseats fall around the $300 range, while sectionals can top $1,000 easy, but no price is set in stone.

Features like power recline, led lighting, and charging ports will quickly increase the cost of your sofa. Spend whatever you’re comfortable with, but don’t go overboard. Weight the cost of the couch against the fact that it may only last five years.


If all else fails, you can always choose to have a custom piece made. It can be difficult finding the perfect sofa for your living room. When nothing seems to peak your interest, then consider your budget and whether or not a custom couch is affordable.

Customization doesn’t have to mean the piece of furniture is made from scratch, either. Major name retailers like ZGallerie and Wayfair offer plenty of different customization levels to help you find something that suits both your tastes and your needs.

When going for custom, it’s wise to avoid the latest trends. Custom pieces retain some of the highest lifespans, and an all-pink couch might not look so hot in 10-15 years. Choosing something closer to standard in coloring or style can help ensure your investment lasts the longest.

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