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Grand Park’s Winter Glow

Silhouette of a man looking at Christmas lights in the park at night

Who says there’s no holiday fun to be had near the apartments in Northridge? It’s Los Angeles, after all, and this December, a rather immersive winter display is coming straight to Downtown’s famed Grand Park. Dubbed the “Winter Glow,” This nighttime art experience will be going on for nearly the entire month of December, and will provide a thrilling show that both parents and kids can enjoy. Want to know what it’s all about? Keep reading, as we delve into the particulars.

Winter What Now?

The West Coast, Los Angeles in particular, has a unique style and charm that sets it apart from the rest of the country. That’s on full display during holidays like Christmas, and if you head to Grand Park from 6:00PM to 10:00PM, from December 1st to December 15th, you’ll see exactly how. The first-ever Winter Glow will be transforming this city landmark into something strange, yet beautiful:

“The Downtown park is taking advantage of this time of year’s ever-shortening daylight with a light-up activation that brings a bit of warmth to the area. For most of December, Winter Glow will complement the park’s traditional holiday decor with installations that celebrate the qualities of light that bring us all together.”

So, the gist of it is that the park is putting on a bombastic, interactive holiday light show. Sounds exciting, no? Part of the LA tradition is visiting different neighborhoods to scope out the holiday decor, so while new, this sort of happening isn’t anything too out of the ordinary.

Let’s take a look at a few details. According to Broadway World, Winter Glow will introduce Angelenos to “19 curated large-scale interactive light installations featuring displays designed by L.A.-based artists along with those designed by Grand Park team.” Furthermore, “Iconic elements of the park, including the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, will shine as familiar pathways lead to exciting new discoveries throughout the 12-acre park.” Some of the highlight exhibits include:

A Spark of Light, by Aphidoidea. If you weren’t already aware, Aphidoidea is a multi-disciplinary collective of designers, architects, and artists with strong ties in California, consisting of members like Andrew Hernandez, Jackie Muñoz, Paulina Bouyer Magaña, and Jesus Eduardo Magaña. You can check their fuller resume of works via their curriculum vitae, but suffice to say, their goal with their pieces is to create “site-specific art installations that engage the user, and enhance the built environment in otherwise generic or marginalized spaces through the exploration of site, concept, materials, and interactivity.” They’ve succeeded again with A Spark of Light, and have created an exhibit that guest can enter, then interact with specialized touch sensors to “control how the piece sparks and changes colors.

*The Net, by H+ Creative. *The merry band of international artists known as H+ Creative say they represent the “future of visual media,” and their representation firm focuses specifically on artists and works that display “vibrantly executed imagery” across 3D art, traditional illustration, digital illustration, animation, and installations. For Winter Glow, they present The Net, and as guest descend the top two stairs from the park’s, they’ll be surrounded by the “warm glow of this fully immersive neon light network.”

The Wave Pendulum, by Two Bit Circus. This will be one of two highlight displays from Two Bit Circus, one of the key “In-Kind Sponsors” for the entire event. You may well have heard of these guys before, as their so-called “micro amusement park” on Mateo Street has been making waves in outlets like The Verge and LA Weekly. The Wave Pendulum will have guests working in harmony to trigger the initial motion of suspended pendulum balls, then “physics and gravity” will take over, “evolving the undulating movement” for a thrilling display. In their second installation, Infinity Mirror, guests will be able to check out a “wall-mounted display of dazzling LED lights in continually changing patterns,” adding to the fun of the entire show.

The buzz around Winter Glow is high, judging by what individuals like Rachel Moore, the president and CEO of Grand Park’s Music Center have had to say. Speaking on the upcoming show, she remarked on LA’s hectic, fast-pace way of life, and how the event would be a chance for Los Angeles residents to slow down and enjoy what the holidays have to offer to everyone:

“Grand Park's Winter Glow invites us to come together in Grand Park, Los Angeles' central gathering place, and take a reprieve from the busy pace of life. It will be a delightful experience that grants us the opportunity to bask in the glow of the season.”

In case you were wondering, the answer is “yes,” the Winter Glow will also be a great chance to take some amazing pictures. According to Grand Park’s interim director, Julia Diamond, “Grand Park's Winter Glow offers Southern California families and friends an opportunity to visit the park,take pictures together, enjoy a free evening of holiday joy in a beautiful outdoor setting and make magical holiday memories.”

That being said, you’ll want to be sure to bring your camera-phone or SLR with you, not only to document the superb talents of all the artists on display or to beef up your Instagram page with one-of-a-kind imagery, but to capture what are sure to be exciting memories from this 2018 holiday season.

Grand Park is a large, beautiful, and vibrant outdoor space for all LA residents to enjoy. Be sure to make it down there during the month of December to check it out in a way that you’ve never seen it before!

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