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Fun Things to Do in Northridge

Aerial view of a hilly residential area in Northridge with mountains in the distance.

The beauty of living in Northridge CA is that there are so many fun and exciting things to do. This place is awesome because when you get an apartment for rent in Northridge, you are literally right there in the action. You are just minutes away from having fun, and for many young families and young people looking to enjoy their life, this is certainly an exceptional option.

Located in Los Angeles County and part of Southern California, there are a wide range of hotels, attractions, shopping centers, restaurants, and so much more. Some neighboring cities like Sepulveda, Tarzana, Winnetka, Reseda, and more are right in the vicinity. But more important than anything else, there are some really fun and exciting things to do around Northridge that you’ll really love.

Whether you’re looking for something to enjoy with your family members or friends, there’s plenty for everyone to appreciate. We will take a look at some of the top things to do in Northridge CA and the surrounding area, and then you can decide which option seems like the right choice to meet your personal needs.

Visit Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California

Six Flags Magic Mountain is always a fun place to visit for the whole family. But you don’t have to bring your kids on this adventure if you don’t have any. You can certainly go there and enjoy an exciting afternoon or night with your friends, relatives, coworkers, or anyone else who enjoys riding roller coasters and other amazing attractions.

At Six Flags California, they have great food, exciting games, and the rides are truly amazing. Some of the best rides in this incredible amusement park include awesome roller coasters like Apocalypse and Batman the Ride, the high flying pirate ship called the Buccaneer, the family roller coaster named the Canyon Blaster, go kart racing at the Cyclone 500, and so much more for everyone to enjoy.

There’s plenty to do in Six Flags even if you aren’t going for the rides. There’s also plenty of events and entertainment for everyone. They have DC comic book superhero meet and greets, the Daffy Duck Dance off, Looney Tunes meet and greets, superhero games challenge, superhero rides challenge, fright fest, Coca-Cola Fourth of July fest, and plenty more amazing and exciting things for everyone.

So, if you live in Northridge California and you’re wondering what to do this summer, do not forget to stop by Six Flags in Valencia to enjoy all of the action.

The Comic Bug

With so many superhero movies and TV shows available for everyone to watch today, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that comic book stores are seeing an incredible resurgence in customers right now. And one of the best comic stores in the Northridge area is The Comic Bug in Culver City California.

It doesn’t matter what type of comic book you’re into because they’ll definitely have some of your favorite issues on display. This huge comic book store is so much more than just a place to buy stories about your favorite comic book characters. They are pillars of the community, host many wonderful local events, and anyone visiting will have an all-around good time.

If you’re looking for something to do during the summer, visiting The Comic Bug is certainly going to be right up your alley. In the summer of 2017, they plan to host a screening of Spiderman Homecoming, they have Stan Lee visiting the comic shop in August to sign merchandise for his fans, and they’ll be many other comic book creators visiting the store throughout the rest of the year.

If you’re into gaming, they even hold the South Bay gamers monthly meet up at The Comic Bug. So if you’re new to the area and looking for gamers to get involved with, this comic book store seems like a great place to get started to meet new people.

Appreciate Great Shopping Adventures in the Glendale Galleria

Shopping is fun for many of us, but it can really become an adventure when we’re spending time roaming the halls of the local Glendale Galleria. This place is so exciting because they have so many great shops, places to eat, and the mall even hosts interesting events from time to time.

Some of our all-time favorite stores in the Glendale Galleria include places like JCPenney, Footlocker, Oakley, Justice, Crocs, the Disney Store, GameStop, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Target, Coach, the Sunglass Hutcut, and so many other great options.

If you’re looking for a great place to eat during your adventure, there are also some very good local, fast food eating establishments to enjoy and appreciate. Some of the best choices include places like Bento Box, Auntie Anne’s, Chipotle, Cinnabon, Godiva, Häagen-Dazs, Hot Dog on a Stick, In-N-Out Burger and many other fantastic places to try.

So, if you’re sitting home alone on a Saturday afternoon and you have nothing better to do, it’s definitely in your best interest to take a trip to the Glendale Galleria. Roam around the mall and get some exercise, stop in to some of your favorite shops to pick up an item or two that you need, and don’t forget to visit the food court to enjoy a scrumptious meal after a long day of walking and shopping.

Experience a Fun Family Outing at the Kidspace Children’s Museum

If you’re looking for excellent place to take your kids, the Kidspace Children’s Museum is certainly a fine choice. Located in Pasadena, California, this museum is lots of fun because it’s outdoors. Plus, they host many fun and exciting events for kids of all ages to enjoy.

At the museum, kids get to enjoy such exciting events like Free Family Night, Frank Lloyd Wright Birthday Celebration, Amazing Animals, A Midsummer Night’s Museum, Rubber Ducky Races, Outer Space Odyssey, National Dance Day and much more.

For a fun trip for the whole family, visit the Kidspace Children’s Museum as soon as possible.


Please take advantage of the top four things we’ve mentioned to do when living in Northridge. You’ll love each and every one of them.