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DIY Decorating Guide

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Are you the type who loves to meticulously plan your living room decor? Do you like getting into the minutiae of what should go where and which colors are going to evoke a specific mood? If so, we recommend you keep reading and pick up a few tips about DIY decorating. Even if you live in the superbly elegant Alder apartments, there’s always some room to add a personal touch — if you’re so inclined.

Take Charge of Your Apartment Decorating

At first, the wide world of DIY apartment decorating might seem completely impenetrable. Perhaps you think it’ll be too great an investment of time? Alternatively, you might be under the impression that DIY decorating requires you to have loads of cash on hand to spend on items you’ll need to get a cohesive look.

Neither could be further from the truth, however. You can nail down a great look without having to disrupt your schedule or invest inordinate amounts of money. If you’re savvy and creative, the process is painless. Here’s how to get it done — the right way.

Overall, there are a few main tenets you’ll want to keep in mind, according to Apartment Therapy, with the first being to focus on the layout. It’s all about “flow and feeling” in this respect. You want to arrange the items you have so that your small rooms look larger and create “focal points” within your rooms that you can arrange your furniture and additional elements around to create a unified design.

Next, you’ll need to remember that staying budget-friendly is always in your best interests. Whenever possible, use what you already have on hand in new and creative ways. Even if something is old and appears out of date, you can apply a bit of DIY know-how to give it a fresh and modern look.

There are numerous guides on upcycling that you can turn to, each providing ideas on how to “rejuvenate vintage furniture” and reinvent items and accessories that might be past their prime. Follow these, and you’ll soon discover that you already have almost everything you need to create a fresh apartment look hidden within your current home.

To be fair, there might be a few things that you need to add that you don’t have at the moment, but even in cases where you need to find something “new,” spending a bunch of money isn’t an absolute necessity.

As the aforementioned Broke Person’s Guide notes, the free section on Craigslist is your friend. You can also find items that other people are giving away at neighborhood yard sales, giveaways, or just lying around on the curb somewhere nearby.

Couple that free (or nearly free) stuff with the newfound knowledge you’ve gained on rehabilitating old items, and you can create a whole cadre of fun and funky looking apartment decor with just a bit of creativity and a few simple tools.

Last up on the list of major DIY decorating tenets is learning how to pair items together for the best look. You might not master this right away, but draw inspiration from other well-designed spaces and give it a bit of practice. In due course, you’ll be able to make the connections yourself without effort, matching up items like a pro to create the best assemblages of furniture and apartment decor for an apartment style all your own.

Extra Tips to Guide Your Path

Now that you understand the overarching rules for decorating an apartment on the cheap, here are a few specific tips and ideas you can use. These suggestions should provide the added inspiration you’ll need to start experimenting with different looks.

A Low-Cost Bathroom Overhaul

You might think that a “new bathroom” involves spending a fortune on changing the entire layout. In truth, though, all you need to do is update a few accessories to totally transform this space. Look for a few new towels, a rad new shower curtain, and a few extra touches here and there that can introduce a new look to your bathroom.

Make Your Doors Part of the Design

In apartments where you have some control over the color of your doors, why not exert it? Your doors are part of the apartment design as well, and changing their color can add an instant bit of flair that will pay dividends in transforming the entire space.

Flora Is Your Friend

There are few ways to change a space faster than adding some plant life. You could start an indoor garden by the window, lining up your favorite plants and flowers on a table to bring some color and life to your apartment. Alternatively, you could build any manner of hanging garden to adorn your kitchen, bathroom, or office. If you want to go all-out, maybe try a large plant on the floor somewhere to act as a centerpiece?

Use Books as Art

Artwork is important to the craft of decorating. Art doesn’t always have to be a pretty painting or a superb sculpture, however. You can re-purpose books in a variety of ways to create a piece of art that is unique and speaks to your appreciation of literature. Be it a stack of books arranged just the way you want it or a few cutouts from your favorite tome turned into a framed piece for your wall, the possibilities are numerous.

Throw a Blanket on It

Think that piece of furniture still looks a bit bare? Invest in a colorful (but not too expensive) blanket, drape it over that chair or sofa, and see it instantly transformed into something new and exciting.

Add a Personal Touch to the Alder Apartments

Now that you have a pretty good handle on ins and outs of DIY decorating, you add that bit of personal flair to your apartment living space that you always wanted.

At fine communities like Alder, there’s plenty of room to work with, and the elegant design of every unit lends itself perfectly to a bit of customization. If you’re looking for a home you can truly make your own, be sure to check out what Alder has to offer and schedule some time to come take a look today.