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Discover Lake Balboa

Water flowing into Lake Balboa

As a resident of apartments in Northridge CA or other parts of the surrounding community, you may have a burning desire to explore the outdoors as you attempt to break up the monotony of your day-to-day life. Remember, we live in an indoor society although we really are outdoor creatures. So it’s time to get some fresh air, take in the beautiful scenery, explore this gorgeous lake and park, and finally begin to experience the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer.

The great thing about living in Northridge is you’re so close to Lake Balboa and the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area. By being in the vicinity of these natural phenomenon, you not only have an opportunity to explore the lake, but you can also venture into the San Fernando Valley and enjoy two huge parks, a gigantic sports field, an archery range, three 18 hole golf courses, fishing and boat rentals, the Balboa Park and Sports Center, playgrounds, bike paths, tennis courts, hiking, a Japanese garden, a park where you can take your dog off the leash, a wildlife preserve and so much more.

So, if you’ve never taken the time to visit Lake Balboa and the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area, it’s time you finally do so. It’s time to finally get out of your house and into the sun as you enjoy the natural beauty and splendor of these hidden gems located right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Exploring Lake Balboa

Living in the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities provides a little bit of everything for everybody. Some people love to spend time by the water, and they have the opportunity to do just that by visiting Lake Balboa, which is a gigantic lake in the heart of LA.

The great thing about this lake is that it provides so much more fun for everyone besides the people that like to go fishing. Sure, you definitely have the opportunity to catch some fish if you feel like it because the water is stocked with plenty of your favorites. But that’s only part of the fun as you are about to learn.

Do you love to golf? Guess what? There is a golf course right next to the lake! There’s also a huge area for children to play that is completely covered in a rubber surface so you don’t have to worry about the kids getting hurt. They can go on the slides, swings, fun tunnels, jungle gyms, and so much more. The kids always seem to have a brilliant time when visiting this amazing park and lake area. Plus, it’s an excellent place to go for a picnic, a bike ride, host a birthday party, play sports, or even take your dog for a walk.

Is fitness one of your top priorities? They even have you covered in that regard as well. There is an entire area of the park that is perfect for people to work out. It’s strictly dedicated to exercise, so if you love working out outdoors and you find it refreshing, visiting Lake Balboa and the park is definitely going to be a good idea to help you get fit or stay in shape.

Besides all of the fun things to do, there’s also a ton of popular restaurants in the area right off of Ventura Boulevard. You can stay within a one block radius and find more than 10 fantastic eateries to grab coffee, a sandwich, or you can sit down to a delectable restaurant meal.

Exploring Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area

The Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area can be found in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. In fact, you’d have a difficult time missing it since it’s so huge it consists of 2000 acres of land.

The best part about this not so hidden gem in the heart of Los Angeles is that it has so many great things to do and it’s a lot of fun for children and adults alike.

If you like archery, you can shoot your bow at the archery range as you enjoy target practice. Or if you like fishing, you can rent a boat and head out to Balboa Lake to catch a couple of fish with family members and friends. Or if you happen to love golfing, there are currently three 18 hole golf courses on the premises, so you can play golf at three different courses three times per week if that’s something you would want to do.

But we’ve barely just scratched the surface on the possibilities. There is also an 80 acre sports field, two parks for the kids and adults to enjoy, the Balboa Park and Sports Center, lots of playgrounds, bicycle paths, hiking trails, a velodrome, and one of the most beautiful wildlife preserves you’ve ever seen.

In fact, the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve was created to protect the native animals and plants in the region. Because the area is filled with so much nature, you can discover more than 200 species of birds because they are attracted to the water and they like to gather here during the colder months of the fall and winter.

There’s also a dog park, a Japanese garden, tennis courts, and so much more. You’d have a tough time visiting the Sepulveda basin and remaining bored since there are so many interesting activities to experience alone, with friends, with family, or even coworkers.

Lake Balboa and the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area Are Right around the Corner from Apartments in Northridge CA

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