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Clever Storage Hacks

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If you’re trying to make the most of the apartments in Northridge, or any apartment living situation, really, you’re probably well aware of the fact that space is a premium that you have to maximize. Letting clutter pile up, hoarding unnecessary items, and poorly organizing your furniture will make your space difficult to navigate, so having a bit of expert knowledge on how to clean things up is a must.

Whether you’re an old pro at organizing and adjusting or a newbie looking to get in on the game, everyone could use a few extra tips, which is why today, we’re going to be looking at a few clever storage hacks that will help you save some space in your home. With any luck, you’ll find something that you can use, then apply it in making your living situation feel as roomy as possible.

Throw It Under The Bed

That space underneath your bed is often vastly underused. Even in cases where you are throwing a few items under there, you likely don’t have that space optimized (if you’re using the “throw it under the bed and forget about it” technique). Thankfully, getting it right doesn’t have to be an ordeal. You can get creative (and efficient) with some DIY roll-under storage for your bed that will make retrieving what you throw under there much easier. Alternatively, you can try buying a bedframe with drawers, or using some of those craftsman-like skills of yours to build some drawers that will allow you to pack in clothes, papers, or whatever else you’d like.

Get Your Walls In On The Act

If your walls are barren now, or just mildly decorated with a few paintings and photographs, do you realize how much space you’re wasting? Your walls can provide plenty of extra storage capacity, provided you prep them for such. At the most basic level, you can try putting up a few shelves to place books and other items on. If you want to reach a more advanced level of wall storage, however, you should certainly check out this optimized wall from Refinery 29. It’s got shelves, hangers, stacks, and racks galore -- everything you’ll need to get your things out of the middle of the room and free up space for yourself and your guests.

Optimize Your Closet

Countless tomes have been written about how you can organize your closet. That’s probably because a clean closet is a surefire step on the way to a more spacious living space. Both HGTV and The Spruce have some handy guides you can follow, and the advice boils down to chucking what you don’t need, keeping what you do, then finding a new way to store everything that makes sense. You’ll need to practice some strategic approaches, like organizing your items by “clusters,” obtaining specialty organizers, and using labels to help guide you through your newly-redesigned closet. You’ll also have to exercise careful maintenance to ensure your closet stays pristine.

Consider Using A Wardrobe

If you don’t have much closet space to work with, and after organizing you’ve still got some leftover clothes and such that could use a home that’s not the floor, you might want to look into buying a standalone wardrobe. You can think of it as a miniature closet for those without, and can seriously optimize your available apartment space by including one in your home. If you happen to be the handy type, be sure to read through Angela Marie Made’s step-by-step process on rigging one up yourself -- saving you some space and some money in one fell swoop.

Try A Folding Desk

Desks take up more room than you might realize, and if you can make yours disappear when you don’t need it, you’ll instantly save a ton of space. This is where the folding desk comes to the rescue. You can flip it down when you have to work, then flip it up when it’s time to move around or entertain. Again, HGTV has the guide you’ll need to follow on building your own, or, you can purchase a ready-made folding desk from outlets like Wayfair. Be sure to also check out desk inspiration ideas, courtesy of Decoist.

Get Your Shoes In Order

You might have already covered this idea when you decided to organize your closet. For the sake of argument, though, let’s say you’re the type who doesn’t like shoes in the closet. For you, these shoe storage ideas from MakeSpace might be just what the doctor ordered. You could try the shoe ladders, boxes, or bins to help get shoes in their proper place, and never have to worry about tripping over a pair ever again. Alternatively, BuzzFeed has an additional 33 ways you can try storing your shoes that will free up space and save you on the hassle.

Start Hanging Things

When in doubt, why not just hang it up? Hanging organizers can be used to get things off of the floor, desk, or dresser, and have oft been used for jewelry and beauty supplies. All you have to do is expand on that idea, and start using hanging organizers for using more items when you don’t have other places to put them. Head back over to Wayfair and take a look at the different kinds of hangers they have on display. There’s so much variety that you have a good amount of latitude to hang up just about anything you might want. Towels, clothing, books -- it’s all fair game. What’s more, you can find these organizers in various colors to ensure they match your overall home design as well.

Apartments In Northridge Give You A Leg Up

Of course, it helps if you start with a living unit that’s already optimized for spaciousness. When you live in spots like Alder, that’s a given, as the floorplans here are tailored to providing you maximum room and comfort. Combined with the next-level conveniences, superb location this fine community provides, and of course, the aforementioned storage hacks, you’ll be living the space-optmized high life you’ve been after in short order.