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Cheese Shopping Guide in LA

Two people examining cheese in a fromagerie

Cheese goes with just about everything. Try to name a wine or sandwich that’s better without a slice of the good stuff. Go ahead. That’s right, cheese makes everything better. Whether you love to indulge your senses with something creamy, salty, or tangy, Los Angeles is ready to fulfill you desire for this ultimate dairy creation. From the Canoga Park apartments, here’s where to get the best wedges around.

1. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

From slices to full wheels and everything in-between, The Cheese Store has it all. This stop is filled to the brim party favorites and those ever-elusive types only stocked by the finest of procurers. With two tastings every month, you can find you ultimate flavor for any event (or personal delight).

The shop itself is reminiscent of a secret room hidden behind the bookshelf of an otherwise un-cheese-related storefront, making its indulgences that much more enjoyable. Complete with luxe events, regional décor from Italy and Spain, and sommeliers happy to describe their wares, this is shopping experience is nothing short of high-class.

2. DTLA Cheese

You can find this full-service counter tucked away in Grand Central Market. Lydia and Marnie Clarke, owners as well as sisters, proudly serve over 100 cheeses cut-to-order. As if it couldn’t get any better, the sisters also sell a small menu of baked goods made by Nicole Rucker.

In the back of the house, chef Reed Herrick whips up a variety of made-to-order plates alongside the shop’s delicious sandwich menu. From time to time, you’ll also find undeniably delicious cheesy creations.

3. Milkfarm

Milkfarm is where you can find small-batch cheeses in L.A. The shop applies the same hand-made mindset to their charcuterie and menu, featuring independent producers from right in the area. Everything in the shop is carefully selected and tasted before making the cut, ensuring nothing but the highest quality.

Aside from incredible cheese, you can also order sandwiches, freshly baked bread, and delectable small bites. Pair one of their bottled beers or a glass of wine with your meal, and this place instantly becomes a cheesy haven. Plus, there are plenty of tastings and events.

4. Say Cheese

Stop into this corner cheese store for a friendly, welcoming experience by chef and owner Glenn Harrell. He’ll walk you through each selection, helping you identify everything from flavor profiles to cheese history. He will also sit and talk with you for however long you decide to shop, filling you with knowledge as you browse.

With 35 years in the industry, you can find just about anything you’re looking for within Say Cheese’s walls and know that you’ve purchased a quality wedge of the good stuff. If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere and cheese procured by a diehard enthusiast, then this is the place for you.

5. Kustaa

Kustaa is the combination of a homeware store and cheese shop. They stock spices, dishware, specialty foods, crackers, and wine alongside an eclectic mix of kitchen delights. Essentially, this is the ultimate cocktail party stop.

Their cheeses are sourced from regions around the world, giving you plenty of exciting flavors to choose from, and the full-sized cheese plates provide more than a taste of their selection. While you’re there, grab a glass of wine and chow down on a gourmet sandwich outside on the patio.

6. Vromage

Alas, dairy is not on the menu if you’re sticking with a vegan lifestyle or lactose intolerant. That would ordinarily mean that all of these incredible cheese shops are a no-go, but Vromage is here to rekindle your love of creamy delights.

This is the only vegan cheese shop in the Los Angeles area, and they refuse to deviate from the diet. You won’t find a single cheese made with even the slightest animal product, just a variety of nuts and seeds. Their selections is vast, and you can grab a taste via their menu at Fahouri through salads, open-faced sandwiches, and vegan pizza.

7. Cheesemongers of Sherman Oaks

Cheesemongers boasts an impressive array of hand-made cheese sourced from around the world. Their pairings include a collection of charcuterie, honeys, jams, and other perfectly-pairable bites. They also, quite fittingly, sell picnic boards.

You don’t have to go to the park to enjoy their foods, though. Pick up a cheesy sandwich any day of the week. Plus, they offer a list of rotating classes that help patrons dive in to the complex world of cheese. If you’re fanatical about their variety, join the cheese club to receive over a pound of their best each month.

8. Andrew’s Cheese Shop

This specialty shop is known for their artisanal cheeses. While that’s more than enough to warrant a trip inside, they also serve delicious spreads, jams, and in-house roasted macadamia nuts. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, willing to help you find and understand their vast selection.

Best of all, the staff is highly opinionated about their cheeses. They’ll tell you what pairs with what, which wheels suit your flavor profile, and what the best way to eat each variety is. Their devotion creates a unique experience guaranteed to leave you with the best cheese for you.

9. Farmshop

Part restaurant, part bakery, part market, Farmshop is filled to the brim with cheese as well as seasonal, locally-sourced food. You’ll find an array of cheese wedges spread out in the market side of the store along with a slection of crackers, house-made jarred goods, fresh produce, and plenty of wine.

10. Cheese Cave

This is another shop run by Lydia and Marnia Clarke in DTLA, and happens to be their original flagship. It features a large selection of award-winning cheeses to pair with their boutique wines and local beers. There’s plenty of salami to go around, too. Whether you grab a mix to go or create your own cheese board in-shop, this is one place any cheese lover has to visit.

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