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Breakfast Places in LA County

Plated crepes topped with fruit and whipped cream

Los Angeles is a big place. Beyond the cozy confines of the Northridge luxury apartments, there’s a wide open county of places to explore. You want culture? You can find it at one of LA’s many museums. You want entertainment? You can head to any of the number of performance venues or theatre’s scattered around town. You want to catch a great bite for breakfast? There’s plenty of places around to suit you needs, and we’ve got our eyes on some of the best.

Now, we can’t list every great restaurant around the Los Angeles area, but we can zero in on a few favorites. From Silverlake to Chinatown and all the way out to the coast, we’re going to cover some of the best breakfast places the City of Angels has to offer. Read on, and make a note of the ones that pique your interest so you can plan a visit.

A Breakfast Spot for Your Favorite Spots

As we’ve already alluded to, Los Angeles is a big place. We won’t be able to cover every portion of the town, or every great breakfast place that exists, but we will be able to provide some ideas for the kinds of establishments that typify great breakfast in LA.

Millie’s Cafe (Silver Lake)

A Silver Lake staple since 1926, Millie’s has remained a titan in the breakfast and brunch seen for more than 90 years now, and they continue to feature some old-school breakfast favorites that you’ll not find at other establishments. Perched along Sunset Boulevard, they’ve managed to keep their edge not by chasing trends, but by actually caring about making great food. In their own words: “We do everything the pain in the ass, Old-fashioned way, by hand, from scratch, because there is a difference.”

Nick’s Cafe (Chinatown)

Another old-school favorite, Nick’s has been around in Chinatown since 1948, still serving up that classic menu for breakfast (and lunch). They’re still know for the delicious ham that put them on the map more than 60 years ago, and as The Infatuation is keen to point out, “Nick’s is one of those places you walk into and realize you don’t know LA at all.” You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check out this hallmark of the city’s breakfast scene, so plan a visit soon.

The Griddle Cafe (Hollywood)

If you’re looking for something hip and trendy, the Griddle Cafe will provide. Admittedly, this spot is one of those “love it or hate it” deals, with some, like Zagat and LA Weekly, praising the pancakes, French toast (and other breakfast fare) while calling attention to the “lightning speed” of the wait and kitchen staff. On the other end of the spectrum, you have outlets like The Infatuation, who called The Griddle to the carpet in their restaurant review, stating, “You are a sham, Griddle. Your candied breakfast shtick has worked for way too long, and we’re done.” Best to give it a shot and see what you make of it for yourself.

Nighthawk Breakfast Bar (Venice Beach)

Breakfast at night? Who could deliver on such a concept? Nighthawk Breakfast Bar has it covered, offering “breakfast-themed” dinner plates that range from their iconic breakfast burger to a rather delectable brandy-infused French toast. The brainchild of Jeremy Fall, they’ve made quite the name for themselves since they made their move from Hollywood, with The Infatuation saying that their Venice location is “better than ever,” and Zagat noting that the vintage decor adds mightily to the stylish setting.

The Kettle (Manhattan Beach)

Back in 2014, this restaurant celebrated its 40th year as a legendary Manhattan Beach breakfast establishment. Born of humble beginnings back in the early 1970s, The Kettle is still going strong today, exemplifying what it means to be a well-run family business. They hold themselves to high standards, have perfected the customer service game, and have had more than their fair share of celebrity patronage: “Joe Montana wrote in his autobiography that he was sitting in The Kettle when he got the call to join the San Francisco 49ers.” And to top it all off the breakfast offerings taste amazing. Be sure to add this one to your “to eat at” list if you’re ever planning on stopping by the beach.

The San Pedro Cafe (San Pedro)

If you want to have a low-key breakfast in a place that few would think to look for you in, check out the famed San Pedro Cafe. They’ve been a community favorite for more than thirty years, and have been on a tear since John Marovich, one-time server at the Cafe, purchased the establishment in 1988 and turned it into what we now know today. They pride themselves on the homecooked meals, which include innovative dishes like the fresh fruit waffles, peanut butter banana crunch French toast, and always amazing omelets. You’ll be able to enjoy it all when you pay a visit to South Pacific Avenue.

Nat’s Early Bite (Sherman Oaks)

All American with a strong touch of Mexican flair, Nat’s Early Bite is the down home, old-school coffee and diner of your dreams. Authenticity is never is short supply here, and they’ve been serving it up (along with powerful breakfast options) for over 30 years. They’ve also got a great selection of muffins and assorted breakfast pastries, so be sure to check out the whole menu to find the option that will best suit your cravings.

Making the Most of the Northridge Luxury Apartments

It’s no secret that Northridge gems like Alder are the perfect place to call home. Being so close to all these great breakfast spots only adds to the allure. If you’re not keen on going out for a bite, though, you’ll be pleased to know that the spacious accommodations here also make it easy to do a bit of home cooking, with lovely quartz countertops and beautiful stainless steel appliances. Whether your preference is for a morning meal at home or a breakfast out on the town, however, be sure check out how Alder can make it possible; make this your new LA home today.