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Boxing: LA’s New Fitness Trend

A woman learning to box

Alder apartment building residents in LA and other members of the community seem to really have found an exciting new workout to get into. Truth be told, boxing workouts are all the rage right now, and there are boxing classes popping up all over LA.

The people of Los Angeles are really taking a liking to this type of work out because they feel it’s more than just getting their exercise in. Boxing has a purpose and it has nothing to do with ego. If you learn how to box, you can protect yourself, exercise, and become disciplined all at the same time. For this reason alone, LA’s hottest fitness gyms have decided to start teaching boxing classes.

Whether you’re sparring against an actual opponent or shadowboxing on your own, or just hitting the bag to get in your conditioning work, you’ll be training numerous parts of your body. This type of workout can train many areas and muscle groups, so you will experience tremendous benefits all across the board.

Speaking of benefits, we’d like to tell you why so many people are catching on to the boxing trend in Los Angeles. There are a wide range of benefits that make this type of exercise incredibly popular and effective and we’ll tell you about them today.

Boxing Workout Benefit #1: Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cardio is a great way to protect yourself from insidious diseases like heart disease, and it’s also an awesome workout that will help you burn calories so you can begin to lose weight. Or if you’ve already lost weight and struggle to maintain it, cardio is also an excellent way to keep your metabolism up and your weight down.

For many of us, doing cardio requires spending an hour or more of our day doing a long, boring, uninspired workout. We have no interest in running on the treadmill for an hour each day or using the elliptical machine. Guess what? You’ve finally found an alternative to your cardio woes.

It’s true that boxing workouts are an awesome cardio workout as well. You’ll put stress on your lungs and heart and get your blood pumping. This high-level physical activity will place the right amount of stress on your body to ensure that you stay in tiptop shape. So why not get your heart rate up while you kick, punch, and jump around the ring in your local boxing gym.

You’ll have a healthy heart, stay in great shape, and feel absolutely fantastic if you focus on boxing workouts. So give it a try and believe it or not we think you’re going to like it.

Boxing Workout Benefit #2: Improve Your Body Strength

The next boxing workout benefit is, given enough time; you’ll have no trouble improving your overall body strength. Remember, by constantly pounding your fists into 100 pound heavy bags, you are bound to get stronger. It’s completely unavoidable, not that you should have a problem with gaining physical strength anyway.

When you begin to regularly partake in boxing workouts, you’ll start to feel your strength increase as you spend time doing hundreds of repetitions of kicking and punching a heavy bag. When you work out your body in this fashion, you are getting a total body workout because you’ll use muscles in your core, lower body, and upper body as you beat the hell out of the heavy bag.

Depending on the gym you go to, your instructor will probably have incorporated various strength exercises and training moves into your boxing regimen. So other than hitting and kicking the heavy bag, more often than not you’ll have to perform exercises like weighted medicine ball exercises, planks, squats, and push-ups to name a few.

Boxing Workout Benefit #3: Experience Improved Stress Levels

The great thing about performing exercises using an intense or moderate level of physical activity is that your stress levels are going to decrease. The Mayo Clinic performed a study and discovered that exercise has the ability to improve moods, increase levels of endorphins, and use working out as a type of meditation. Not only that, it’s also going to help you sleep better, and your stress levels are also going to improve as they become more and more diminished after each workout.

Unfortunately, walking around the block – even if you do it briskly – isn’t going to always be enough to get your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing. That’s why boxing workouts are a much better option. For starters, you’ll be working out at a high intensity as you punch and kick the heavy bag or an opponent. Second, releasing stress by punching a heavy bag is incredibly cathartic. Instead of feeling stuck, you’ll be able to take out your frustrations on the heavy bag and your stress will quickly disappear as you beat it into submission.

Boxing Workout Benefit #4: Improve Hand Eye Coordination

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but you’d be surprised how much your total health depends on your hand eye coordination. In fact, having strong hand and eye coordination is important when attempting to improve your reflexes, reaction times, and fine motor skills.

In fact, if you are more coordinated than you used to be due to boxing workouts, you’ll suddenly discover that your reflexes are much faster, you’re reacting quicker in all kinds of situations, and your coordination overall will be much improved. This holds true in all kinds of situations besides being in the middle of the ring in a boxing gym. You’ll become a better driver due to quicker reaction times, you’ll be able to finally win against your kids when playing video games, and as you get older you’ll find it easier to stave off the inevitable signs of aging. So improve your hand eye coordination today by getting in shape through boxing workouts.


Clearly, the good people in LA have figured it out. They realize that boxing workouts are powerful and effective in a number of different ways. Don’t hesitate to try this workout because we think you’ll absolutely love it.