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Boost Your Home's Value

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No matter where you are in the country -- from homes in New York City to apartments in Northridge -- people want one thing out of the place they hang their hat. They want their dwellings to look nice and increase in value as time goes on. If possible, they’d also like to find ways to boost that value without breaking the bank to do it. It’s possible, as there are a slew of easy and affordable ways to make the place you live more desirable. If you consider yourself one of the many looking to make your home’s value higher (which is likely the case), read on, as we dispense a few handy tips.

The Plan For Greater Home Value

The start of planning your home’s ascent begins with just that -- some careful planning. You might begin by enlisting the aid of a professional to get yourself on the right track. Now, you might have to pay a fee for their services, but an hour or two of their time is all you’re going to need to gain some insight. With a professional you can learn about a few tricks and tips you might never have thought of yourself, and the benefits of planning don’t just end there.

Next you’ll want to check for imperfections around your place. Your home will benefit from fixing some of the things that you can’t see first. Decaying surfaces are one thing, but then there are things that aren’t immediately noticeable, like the electrical system, plumbing, and the like. For example’s sake, an outdated electrical system might not only be a safety hazard, it can be needlessly sapping away at money due to the fact that it isn’t as efficient as it should be.

Replacing an old electrical system, and, indeed, all of the energy consuming systems in your home with more effective alternatives will help make it more attractive to the next person that comes along. You’ll want to enlist the aid of an inspector to help you get to the root of these hidden areas and figure out what needs fixing.

Once you have that down, you can move on to the other, more noticeable areas of your home and start giving them the once over. You’ll want to go room by room and start listing the different things you pick up on that might need an update, drawing inspiration from books, TV shows, articles (like this one) and any other information sources that bring a new perspective you might not have already thought of. Here are few extra ideas to get you started:

Paint Away

Throwing a fresh coat of paint on your walls and ceilings is the simplest, most cost-effective way to make things look nicer and increase your home’s value. New paint jobs look clean and go a long way in making your rooms look fresh and exciting -- provided you pick the right paint for the job. You don’t want to go too “far out” with color choices, as you want to make sure your home has the most appeal to the widest audience of potential buyers for your home.

This means keeping it neutral, and, to improve the bang for your buck, going with paint that will look nice and is high quality without being prohibitively expensive. Keep in mind that, beyond just making your rooms look nicer, paint will help to keep those surfaces safe from wear and tear, scratches, elemental damage, etc., so there’s no reason not to tackle this step as soon as you can.

Give It A Tech Upgrade

In addition to outdated systems like the electricity in your home, you might want to consider bringing in some new tech that improves your space. You’ll have to play it extra smart here, as not every high-tech investment is a winner, but if you stick to things that are almost universal in their appeal -- new appliances and the like -- you have the potential to make your home much more attractive to prospective buyers than ever before. Be smart, watch the trends, and make the right choices to score big on home value in this category.

Give The Kitchen Some Love

If you followed the above advice and went to work on scoring some new appliances for your kitchen, you might have noticed that there are some other areas in there that could use some updating. The cabinets, countertops, and flooring form the trinity of kitchen appeal, and just like picking paint colors, you want to make sure that you play it down the middle to wow as wide a swath of people as you can. Let stainless steel, stone, quartz, and neutral colors be your guide for kitchen remodeling, and you’ll emerge with a renewed kitchen space that has true mass appeal.

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, your bathroom might benefit from some much-needed updates. Swap that old vanity out for something fresh, show some love with new lighting fixtures, improve the floor with new tile, even consider updating the bath, shower, and toilet for some serious improvement and value added to your bathroom. A modern look goes a long way, so be sure to study what’s popular and what’s likely to be popular so you settle on a look that people will love.

Play Some Tricks With The Eye

You can’t make your home bigger without knocking down a few walls and expanding the space -- a costly investment. You can certainly make it feel like it’s bigger, though, by making some minor cosmetic changes from room to room. Consider switching up your blind to let in more light (more sunlight creates more visual space). Declutter as much as you can, and try rearranging furniture into patterns that make the square footage you have work better for you. In combination, these techniques will help fool your eyes (as well as prospective buyers) into believing you’ve got a lot more space to work with.

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