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Best Ways to Give Back

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Ready to do some good around the apartments in Northridge, CA this year? Holidays, like Thanksgiving, provide the perfect opportunity, and there are places you can put in some good work in the neighborhood and all around the city of Los Angeles. Everyone deserves a bit of food and friendship during this time of the year; you could be the one to help provide that for someone in need. In addition to donating to some of your favorite charities, why not do some hands-on good for your fellow Angelenos?

Help Out at Hope of the Valley

Designed to help the hungry and homeless, Hope of the Valley is a “faith-based compassion ministry” that puts a large part of their focus of the “spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, occupational and financial needs” of those they serve. For Thanksgiving, their goal is to provide more than 9,783 meals, and while they’ve already come a long way, they could always use some more support.

You could gift a few meals to help the needy and change the lives of some of Los Angeles’ hungry and homeless. Alternatively, you could get hands on and help Hope of the Valley serve those meals in person. The feast will be taking place the day before Thanksgiving, and in addition, you can also lend a hand at the street fair where the organization will be handing out sleeping bags, fresh produce, and providing other services to those who need a hand. Be sure to check their website for more information about how to volunteer your time with Hope of the Valley.

Make Breakfast With Union Rescue Mission

Established in 1891, Union Rescue Mission is one of the oldest such organizations in Los Angeles, committed to helping those in need while upholding their set of compassionate Christian values. For Thanksgiving, they are accepting donations to fund meals for the homeless in Skid Row, but you don’t just have to give money for supporting their Thanksgiving dinner plans. There’s also a unique opportunity to help prepare breakfast for the needy during the weeks before Turkey Day (you can find it here through Hope for LA) Be sure to sign up the day before and show up early.

Give to the Westside Thanksgiving Community Dinner & Celebration

This, if you weren’t aware, is a longstanding LA tradition:

“We have over three decades of tradition serving the community a wonderful free sit-down Thanksgiving dinner. We also provide free haircuts, blankets, clothing, hygiene kits, medical, optical, and dental services, vaccination, a resource fair, and a children's carnival.”

The Westside Thanksgiving Community Dinner is an all-inclusive event — open to everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, single, married, homeless, or even what religion you practice, you can come down and enjoy this gathering of fellow people. If you’d like to help out by doing more, however, there are more than a few ways to go about it. You could donate a bit of money or some material goods, or you could volunteer your time and help out in person at the event.

When it comes to donations, you can get an idea of what the celebration needs from checking out their online listing. Money is always helpful, but they can also use items like food and clothing to help bring it all together. As for volunteering, you can imagine throwing an event of this size takes a lot of manpower. There are thousands involved in making this celebration a success, and you can check both the FAQ page and volunteer page for the Westside Thanksgiving Community Dinner & Celebration to learn more about the schedule and what you have to do to sign up to help.

Help Big Sunday’s Make Thanksgiving a Success

Big Sunday, if you didn’t already know, is all about people helping other people. They offer avenues for those who want to pitch in to volunteer in manual labor projects, putting special skills they have to good use helping others, spending time with someone who might be a bit lonely, donate their no-longer-used items, donate new items to the cause, or even donate money directly.

For Thanksgiving, Big Sunday could use some help ensuring that everyone gets a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving. They need volunteers help collect food, donate towards the purchase of food items, sponsor turkeys, host food drives, or even just sponsor the event through monetary donations. However you are able to help, it will be appreciated. Just visit their homepage to learn more about their Thanksgiving efforts and how you can get in on the act.

Help Union Station Homeless Services Host Dinner in the Park

If you don’t mind trekking up to Pasadena, you can help out at the annual Dinner in the Park, a 46-year tradition on Thanksgiving day in the LA area:

“This uplifting community event provides thousands of holiday meals and hope for all who attend, including homeless men, women, children, seniors, very low-income families, and those with no place to go during the holidays. The impact of the event in the community is large because of your help!”

Like many of the other Thanksgiving volunteer events we’ve mentioned, “your help” comes in several forms. Cash donations are always welcome to underwrite the cost of the event and help the organization further their goals, food donations go a long way in making sure that everyone who comes to the Thanksgiving dinner will be able to eat their fill, and volunteering your time, of course ensures the even proceeds as planned.

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