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Best Beaches near Northridge

A man walks on a beach with a kid on his shoulders

Those living in apartments in Northridge recognize how lucky they are being so close to some of the top beaches in the Los Angeles area in California. These beaches are the best of the best for a wide variety of reasons, and Southern California is absolutely amazing if you’re looking to live the good life and have it feel like an endless summer.

Sometimes we have to take a moment to experience the finer things in life. Walking along the beach or laying down to catch some rays, or even swimming in the ocean, is definitely a great way to make your life just a little bit better, a little bit brighter, and a lot more happier. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity as a member of the Northridge community. You have so many great beaches in the vicinity of your home, so it would be a shame to pass them up too often by spending extra days at work or lounging around at home.

Sure, some people really don’t like to spend time on the beach. But those people don’t typically live in Southern California so you really have no excuse. We would like to tell you about our favorite beaches in the vicinity of Northridge today, so pay attention and check out some of these amazing beaches in the LA area.

Leo Carrillo State Beach

This gorgeous stretch of surf and sand is located in Malibu, California off of W. Pacific Coast Hwy. This beach is particularly awesome because stretches out for well over a mile, has lots of beautiful sea caves along the shore, and it even has gorgeous tide pools to look at and enjoy.

Leo Carrillo was an actor who worked hard to help preserve the California beaches. He even served as a member of the California Beach and Parks Commission for 18 years. And he worked hard to make sure this beach stayed pristine, beautiful, and in amazing shape.

There is a visitor center that shares interpretive displays. You can go on guided nature walks or take advantage of campfire programs. There are RV facilities, campsites, and picnic areas also well within reach from in the park.

Some of you may want to come to this beach and stay a while. Feel free to camp out for a few nights and really experience this beautiful place and get to know it a lot better. You’ll love getting back to nature and feeling the wonder and beauty of Malibu and the beautiful beaches it has to offer.

El Matador Beach

Also located in Malibu, California, El Matador is another exciting beach that so many people tend to love. But even more important, this beach is known for being a very romantic spot to spend an intimate day or evening with your significant other. It’s about 10 miles northwest of Malibu and it’s very secluded with robust waves, rocky shores, and crystal clear blue water.

This beach isn’t like your typical public beach to say the least. They do not have major facilities available and they do not have a cleared off path to make it easier to reach the shore. This is more of a natural beach, which is exactly what you might want if you’re looking to spend a romantic time with somebody you care about.

Santa Monica Beach

The next beach is obviously located in Santa Monica, CA and it’s definitely a favorite recommendation of ours. We think this beach is fantastic because it’s located right near the Santa Monica pier, so it’s close to a lot of action and a lot of excitement.

Even better, it’s one of the most popular beaches in the LA area. The beach is long and it may feel like it actually goes on forever. But this is a good thing because it’s leaves plenty of room for everyone to relax and have legroom and room to breathe. You’ll have no problem setting up a volley game, playing wiffleball, or even going for a bike ride if that’s what you prefer.

So, if you love to surf or you just want to hang out on a blanket all day, this is definitely going to be a great place to go. It only costs a couple of bucks to park, so it’s not like you’re going to spend an arm and a leg for this beach excursion.

Venice Beach

Venice, CA is one of the more popular LA area destinations. And one of the biggest reasons why it attracts so many people is because of the gorgeous surf and sand on Venice Beach.

Let’s not forget about the Ocean Front Walk, all of the excitement, and you might even see a film crew or two here filming a movie or TV show. The other cool thing about Venice Beach is that there are so many colorful characters in the area. You’re going to run into folk artists, palm readers, chainsaw jugglers, bodybuilders, and many other interesting and wonderful people.

Venice Beach is certainly not for the faint of heart. But if you have an adventurous spirit and you’d like to spend time on the water or hanging out in the sand, then this is definitely going to be a great place for you to visit as often as possible. Remember to bring your sunscreen while soaking up the sun because you don’t want to accidentally get sunburned but you clearly wouldn’t mind a beautiful tan.

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